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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mond

Who owns the carnival float or does it have no financial value? The carnival float was purchased for the town of Dawlish by the Council and was made at HMP Dartmoor some many years back, the Carnival Committee do not have and can not take sole responsiiblity of it. When the Council granted the funds to repair it, what was their understanding? Regardless of the Councils understanding I would ...

11 Mar 2015

thanks for the indication @roberta - i am disgusted that this can even happen, for years the carnival "mysteriously looses money", for years they are unable to provide accurate accounts of what happens, for years they have been rude and abusive to the council and the members of dawlish and surrounds, yet the council still proceed to help them. I know for fact that over the years money has ...

10 Mar 2015

Happy New Year! Should any more really be said, I know its almost Christmas, but blimey Dawlish Carnival, your almost as eager as the shops! The new Director Anton, a good friend, has actually been on the Committee for quite some years and the new Volunteers are also choosen by what seems to be the inner circle to join. The I have faith? No. Do my kids have faith? No. In the words of ...

Vert interested, but how may I email you? Thanks.

Dawlish Carnival has always charged for a programme, it allows you extensive information and to take part in competetions etc that are available within. The sale of Programmes amount to a large section of income that allows the Carnival to be able to put the show on year after year. However with that said I do not agree with what they spend the money on and I don't think they are ...

Nat West Dawlish
8 Jun 2014

thanks for informing us @Margaret Swift that it was not a private or confidential item and i do hope that in that email it was not an "official" council email. however for goodness sake you have done it again "i have come to expent the responses i get from a very small minority of councillors" have that small miniority of councillors also come to expect the responses they get for you? i guessed ...

8 Jun 2014

@burnside try reading what was actually written, try doing a bit of research. What I'm saying is that discussing of private information and publishing it is unlawful, and I said clearly if that is what has happened then yes a law would have been broken. What I'm also saying is that I don't feel that what Ms Swift has done, it could be the case that others have just inserted all the crap to make it ...

8 Jun 2014

Well from what I can understand from all the rubbish above is that if someone is sharing something that is being discussed by Councillors via email, that the means they are communicating through should be strictly private and confidential. It's the same when the News of the World copied and published private discussions happening, they can't legally do that and therefore end up getting ...

8 Jun 2014

Public have the right to know about it, based on one persons opinion who has nit picked through many councillors actions, thoughts and private discussions. As far as I'm aware taking information from private sources and making them public is not only wrong, its unlawful! But worse is the dirty linen being thrown, it's not called for at all. @Lynne as i have said ms swift does have ...

8 Jun 2014

@Mrs C i have to say i entirely agree with you, i can't help but think, yes @Margaret Swift certainly does have some very good points and is very passionate about the town. i can't knock that, but you are quite right @Mrs C the amount of dirty linen that is getting aired is uncalled for, unacceptable and not needed in any means. As a resident to Dawlish, born here and living here for ...

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