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28 Aug 2015

just found this on thier facebook @Carer - thedawlishregatta

They are pretty disgusting and have no character or in no way map our town to it's heritage or promote the town in anyway, but again do we blame the designer or the people who allowed it to be there in the first place!

The question is... Is this a publicity stunt to get votes for LibDem, if not why is it only LibDem that have beeb either a) approached or b) only ones in agreement. wouldn't the green party not support Mr Weeks too, or is this soley between LibDem and Mr Weeks only. Yes I agree it would be lovely to see Richards son "farm" the land, it would actually be lovely to see anyone "farm" that ...

As stated, I have already explained who owns the float. My father was upon the "Committee" at the time this was purchased. The trailer was made at HMP Dartmoor and funded partially by the Council at the time under the ruling that it would be an asset to Dawlish and not to be deemed ownership by any single group.

12 Mar 2015

i think @michaelclayson makes some valid points, if we take away the week of carnival we have nothing to fill the gap. it goes without saying that carnivals across devon and fading away rapidly. we as a town don't want to loose our carnival week, thats for sure. However we as a town do not wish to see time and time again a failure of a week and the towns money being invested into ...

11 Mar 2015

@Mcjrpc as i appreciate "alligations" the incidents i refer to were made public knowledge and some even printed in the press.

11 Mar 2015

@Mcjrpc when it was brought it was purchased as an asset to the town, so in theory it makes the council the responsible owner, but it is owed by the people. it's a community asset so therefore can not belong to any single group.

11 Mar 2015

Who owns the carnival float or does it have no financial value? The carnival float was purchased for the town of Dawlish by the Council and was made at HMP Dartmoor some many years back, the Carnival Committee do not have and can not take sole responsiiblity of it. When the Council granted the funds to repair it, what was their understanding? Regardless of the Councils understanding I would ...

11 Mar 2015

thanks for the indication @roberta - i am disgusted that this can even happen, for years the carnival "mysteriously looses money", for years they are unable to provide accurate accounts of what happens, for years they have been rude and abusive to the council and the members of dawlish and surrounds, yet the council still proceed to help them. I know for fact that over the years money has ...

10 Mar 2015

Happy New Year! Should any more really be said, I know its almost Christmas, but blimey Dawlish Carnival, your almost as eager as the shops! The new Director Anton, a good friend, has actually been on the Committee for quite some years and the new Volunteers are also choosen by what seems to be the inner circle to join. The I have faith? No. Do my kids have faith? No. In the words of ...

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