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A questionable butterfly


Hunters Lodge
1 Nov 2017

I had a beggar try the same yesterday in Dawlish, me being me, decided that I would do something to help, I offered to get them a hot drink and a bite to eat, and they refused and asked me for the money instead...the answer was no, and he moved on...drugs I guess.

Planning application
31 Oct 2017

No we do not, this has been discussed under the Tucks Plot thread, and no it's stupid, the whole town shortly is going to be ruined more than it already is.

Anyone know if it has been reported to council and if it has yet been removed? That's all that really matters, no?

@Matt , i thought her husband was called tony, he was the last time i spoke to him. i love the trick you've done there with your name. I have to say I know both Matt and Roma very well and they are kind, loyal and caring people. Who like anyone else are entitled to an opinion and should be respected like anyone else.

It need renewing weeks after opening, it just went to ruin and as with Dawlish assets got vandlised and forgotton.

I said the same yesterday funny enough, there were people everywhere....happy and sattisifed people.

25 Oct 2017

Well yes it was quite a humerous post, I have to agree. However it is also quite true.... what is the need to make it into fortress? None I say! And I would happily pay to thrown bakers buns at people. I'm in favour of green open spaces, gardens, features etc in Dawlish. Yes plain and simple does not make money, I'll be the first to accept, but its the tranquill and simpleness that sells Dawlish. ...

Low Pay
19 Oct 2017

It is indeed. Rather than looking at the way a certain party is operating, should we not be taking Dawlish as an example and looking at the different rates people get for simular jobs, and the difference between those working in enviroments where more money should be applicable.

@Diana Mond - just because someone is the wife of a magician, does not mean she does not have the entilement to an opinion and a thought to the proprosal, same applies for the councillor who happens to be a lib dem, what i don't understand @Diana Mond that if you don't agree with it, like these two people don't, how do you feel they are not helping thier cause?

18 Oct 2017

I'd still be interested to see other peoples break downs to what they think are the positives and the negatives of the proprosal.

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