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10/2009 Dawlish Pedestrianised Dawlish Gazetta

23 Feb 2008 09:47

10/2009 Dawlish Pedestrianised Dawlish Gazetta

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Local representative, unelected, ticketed 6,000 houses and has succeeded in pedestrianising Dawlish.

Area of Greenbelt on side of Dawlish to be bulldozed. Dawlish to lose trade as holidaymakers at Warren go elsewhere. Town Round Circle in dispair.

At a town council meeting attended by a large number of people from around the town, milked for attention by the absence of the two main supermarkets now vying to be built here, opinions were lodged and overturned by the low response to the 6,000 letters sent by the representative to all houses in the area.

These letters were disproportionally percentage point rated according to the low response of return and comments contrary to the local , unelected, representatives point of view omitted.

It happened in Newton Abbot with TESCO Kingsteignton Road, ASDA Clock Tower, Sainsburys Penn Inn and Iceland town centre. Over twenty businesses shut down in the building and after road removal authorised and encouraged by the local representative and councillors. Now all that remains is charity shops, estate agents and the occasional cafe.

It could happen to you. Bulldozers are coming, people who are holiday makers are running elsewhere and the Warren markets are closing down before them, undercut. And PCSOs increase with the Council cameras to keep order, despatched by a rise in the Council Tax for any opinion the local representatives would not consider.

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Dawlish Gazetta 10/2009

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