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Dawlish Notices

Manor Garden Play Park

Chris Smith
Chris Smith
28 Jul 2007 00:00

As most of you will be aware sometime earlier this year Dawlish lost a very importnat play area in the Manor Gardens due to vandailsum and the play park in the Manor Gardens was destoryed the cost of repair being around £50,000 I am looking to set up a fundraiing campaign to get the money need to not only replace the equipment lost but to also improve it along with survalance so that it wont happen again but would like to hear from anyone who want to be part of a commetie to help set it up and get it under way please contact me via e-mail Thanks Chris

31 Jul 2007 09:45

Several points need correction/elaboration.
Spelling and grammer are atrocious.
Why do you think it is a good idea to set up another fundraising campaign, we already have two to my knowledge, Rotary and Round Table.
Where do they get the money from? You! Who normally benefits the most from the money that they collect(from you) and then spend it under the banner of "Good Causes", not you. Think about it?

Do not be sucked in by the now almost acceptable cliche, that surveillance cameras will prevent or deter anything, it will not. It does make good veiwing for some after the event.
Try and join the Rotary they have a committee and they fund good causes and they get all the praise.

18 Jan 2008 13:31

you are a rude twat 4554

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