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Dawlish Notices


The Baylis Clan
The Baylis Clan
12 Apr 2007 00:00

We have holidayed at Dawlish Warren and Dawlish for the last 25 plus years and have just spent Easter weekend at Dawlish Warren visiting Dawlish each day. We cannot believe how "grubby" the beach and surroundings at Dawlish Warren have become - it was a shame when all the individual shops were removed but now it has just become another "tacky" holiday resort all its original charm being lost. As for Dawlish the park is almost a no go area because of all the droppings from the geese, etc. There have always been wildfowl in the park in fact this has always been a main feature of visiting Dawlish but we can't remember it ever being so mucky - you need to be careful where you put your feet - what a shame. I doubt it will stop our visits but it will never be the same whilst its so dirty.

30 Sep 2007 21:14

I read your article with interest. YOu are totally right. Dawlish has become a disgusting dirty place in the 6 years Ive lived here and its also becoming a place where anti social behaviour is common. I moved here in 2001 and bought a house in the town centre. In the 6 years since i ve been here the whole place has gone down hill and there is now a big drink and drugs problem in the area.
Friday and Saturday eves are virtually a no go in Dawlish and only last Friday eve, people in the high street had their properties vandalised by s drunken group. The police are no where to be seen when needed.

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