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Ann Baylis
Ann Baylis
29 Sep 2006 00:00

To Gina IP:

Hi Gina

The holiday park you used to stay at is now known as Hazelwood. The clown was in fact called "Soppy" the clown, a.k.a. Dave Jade, the entertainments manager at the camp. We've also visited this site since the '70s and we're still visiting. You wouldn't recognise it now though, its mainly residential caravan homes, the ones that look like bungalows. Only the chalets at the front and some near the lake remain. Dave Jade has now retired and not sure what he's up to now. We nearly always stayed and still do, in the chalets near the club house and swimming pool. We usually met up with 3 other families each year and have wonderful memories of simple but fantastic holidays.

Hope this is of interest to you.


Ann B

13 Jul 2021 13:46

Hello Ann I am pleased to tell you Dave Jade has returned to Hazlewood Park. He does a Cabret spot on a Saturday night. I watched the film on Hazlewoods youtube channle. He is still sounding great. He use to manage the pop group Sweeney who use to be there on Sunday nights many years ago. When it was Warren Holiday Centers. The good old days when The Club was open until 1230am.

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