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Carol Shore
Carol Shore
16 Jul 2005 00:00


My name is Carol and I am 28. As a child my family and I always went to Devon for our summer holidays - we done this for abot 10 years. I cannot remember the name of the place but I would be interested in how its changed.

As you enterest the holiday park the swimming pool was to the right-hand side, then there was the amusement arcade. It also had a small shop and a chip shop. There was a laundrette also, and my brother and I used to sit on a ledge outside beside the extract vents to dry ourselves after coming out the pool.

The chalets were at the front and the caravans were at the back of the park. There was also a river ran along side it and I always used to feed the ducks and swans. I know that one of the entertainers who worked at the park when we used to go was a man called Pip Critten.

I have fond memories of the place and would love to know whats happened to the park and tofind out how much it may have changed.



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