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Dawlish News

Teignmouth and Dawlish Police

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
24 May 2024 07:55
Last Summer we shared an open letter to parents with the hope of encouraging conversations with young people about their behaviour when visiting Teignmouth.
Today we would like to share an adapted letter for this summer.
This time of year, the local council Community Safety Partnership and Police teams see an increase in reports of youth-related anti-social behaviour. We are regularly seeing groups of more than 100 young people along the Teignmouth Sea front meeting on Friday and Saturday evenings whereby drug and alcohol use has been prevalent. With a high proportion of young people being under the age of 18, concerns have been raised due to the disruptive behaviour displayed in the town and surrounding areas as well as concerns for the safety of the young people.
To ensure that Teignmouth is a welcoming environment for everyone, there will be an increased police presence, with officers patrolling the key areas over the spring and summer months.
However there are others that are responsible for the actions and safety of young people and we are seeking the help of parents to help us ensure that Teignmouth is a safe environment.
A lot of the young people are from other towns so letters similar to this are being passed to all schools in the South Devon area.
Please share this message far and wide.


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