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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
23 May 2024 16:37

TEIGNBRIDGE Council has admitted charging the NHS to use council-owned car parks for mobile health  screening units. National supermarket chains Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have come up trumps allowing the siting of a breast cancer screening unit in its car parks in Dawlish and Teignmouth.


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This Council is a disgrace. Lib Dem and Council Leader Wrigley got found out and is back-tracking. The buck stops with him, yet he passes the blame, he shows no real leadership. He's just worried how this'll damage his chances of becoming our next MP - putting the Council's revenue streams ahead of Cancer patients, says it all. And if it's an old policy, then it just shows he's incomptent, his party has been in power for for 5 years now.

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24 May 2024 13:16

The council should hang their heads in shame.

A disgrace for sure.

The report in the mid Devon Advertiser is incorrect. Wrigley's Lib Dem run TDC were charging around £1800 not the £1000 as reported. I went into the Cancer Screening Unit today at Sainsbury's carpark and asked. The NHS worker also explained that is for a 10 week period, which is pretty extortionate.


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