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Searchin for guestparents

Sandra Tabakovic Gro kopf
Sandra Tabakovic Gro kopf
29 Oct 2004 00:00

Hello! I`m Sandra from Germany! View years ago in the beginning of the 90th I was very often in Dawlish and I was living in a great Family calls Juli and Colin Stoneman how had lived in Gatehouse Rise!! Now I lost his adress and telefonnumber! They moved to france in the middle of the 90th but they have had 2 childrens from Juli`s side calls Christopher and Samantha! Samantha was going at the comprehensive school in Dawlish, Christopher I don`t know but what I know is, that Christopher is a dad of may` 2 childrens with a women how call`s Clair!! So if someone how know`s this people or someone how has the telephonnumber of one of this people please let me know! `Cause I miss them a lot! Know I also have 2 children and a nice husband and really I wanna talk to my "summerparent`s" again!! I miss them a lot all the view year`s!!! Sorry about my bad english but I have had forgotten so much of the english language!!
So please think about my questions and me!!

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