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07 Mar 2024 11:10

Is a weekend full of action and late-night dancing with the besties on the card? If so, it's time to make that complicated choice to have your pick from the wardrobe. Whether your night out plans consist of dancing, drinking, bar hopping, or a bit of all three, you'd want to look at your fashionable best while also being comfortable. 

We have rounded up the top women's style guide to a nightclub for your dancing and drinking spree all night long. 

·        Jeans & Top

Jeans and tops are the obvious choice for most women who are going to a venue with a relaxed dress code. Wear strappy heels or sneakers to be comfortable and stylish. 

·        Crop Top with Wrap Skirt

Crop tops with wrap skirts fall under cocktail attires. This combo is best when comfort is your first preference. 

·        Button-up Shirt with Jeans

Button-up Shirts with jeans keep you relaxed and confident all night long. Wear a sheer bralette beneath and add some boho jewelry to cap off this look. 

·        Sequin Pants

Sequin pants are ideal when you want to ditch regular styles. Additionally, wearing a plain top with sequin pants and high heels will get you past any nightclub on any night. 

·        Footwear

Footwear options for ladies alternate between heels, boots, and sneakers. Heels are great for dresses, though if you want to dance the night away - go with platform heels or sneakers. Boots are great for winter months and complement the layered look.

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