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05 Mar 2024 08:16

Computer software tracking by LabStats allows universities and colleges to monitor their software usage across campus. Our tool automatically tracks 200 common software installed across your campus to help you comply with the End User License Agreement. With LabStats, you can get real-time analysis of the most used and least used software by your students. With this data, you can make informed decisions to cut down on software licenses by purchasing the optimum number of licenses. 

 LabStats also has a host of other features that help higher education institutions monitor, report, and optimize software usage that is installed on campus and remotely.  

Why do you Need a Computer Software Tracking Tool?

When you purchase any software, you are agreeing to help with various terms of usage of the license agreement. These rules are formulated by software publishers that give you access to software features as per the agreement.  

Leading software publishers carry out regular audits in their client environments to detect piracy, copyright infringement, or unauthorized usage of their software. 

Not complying with the specified terms and conditions can cause irreversible damage to your reputation while also inviting hefty fines and legal action. Thus, you need to ensure compliance with every software license to avoid such issues.  

LabStats lets you track software deployment, and usage and lets you analyze swathes of historical and current data so that you can make informed decisions. Tracking software also helps you to identify which software is least used by your students, this prepares you better for negotiating license renewals optimally.  

Call 1-208-473-2222 or send an email to for a free trial or a walkthrough. 

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