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04 Mar 2024 09:33

Dental implants have been at the forefront of prosthetic dentistry. At Dentistry at Consilium, we offer dental implants in Scarborough to patients with natural-looking results. We have transformed millions of smiles by providing non-removable implants to patients that function as their natural teeth. Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth with long-term benefits, eliminate the need for dentures, decrease bridge work, and improve patient’s lives drastically.

At Dentistry at Consilium, we offer our dental implants Scarborough program to patients of all ages across the region. Our oral surgeons are highly trained and experienced in this outpatient procedure.

Dental Implants Evaluation

Tooth implants act as replacement teeth with a strong foundation. A titanium metal screw acts as the root of the device which anchors into the jaw bone.

During consultations, we will assess the amount of bone remaining after teeth loss or extraction to plan the implant process. Dentistry at Consilium will perform an X-ray to determine if you’re the right candidate for an implant.

Our restorative dentists will surgically implant the device in the bone and then fabricate a crown to be fixed over the implant. The crown will look and function like natural teeth.

The surgeons at Dentistry at Consilium will assess your situation and goals to create a treatment plan. Our tooth implants Scarborough clinic is the one-stop solution for your implant requirements and dental needs.

Call 416–296–1080 to schedule a consultation and learn how you can benefit from our tooth implants Scarborough treatment.

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