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08 Nov 2023 13:32

A well known Toronto party ritual is and always will be Barcode Saturdays!

Clubbing is a great way to kick off the weekend action with friends. 

However, a pertinent question arises here as to what to wear at the club. 

Frequent clubgoers may find it utterly frustrating to choose a new outfit every time. But in this confusion lie immense opportunities. We're here to help you narrow down the top nightclub attires for men that'll keep you at your fashionable best while adhering to the club's dress code. 

  • Denim Jackets

Denim jackets turn up the heat every time. They can be paired with a button-down shirt or a T-shirt over trousers, chinos, or jeans. 

  • Casual Blazers

Casual blazers are the ideal sartorial choice when you're hitting an upscale lounge. Wear a light-colored T-shirt underneath with your favorite chinos and you're all set. 

  • Leather Jackets

Leather jackets offer the best dressing choice when winter hits. These cool ensembles can be paired with a white or blue T-shirt and jeans. 

  • Polo T-shirt with Chinos

Polo T-shirts and khaki chinos keep you cool during the summer. These are comfortable and suit men of every age group. 

  • Plaid Shirts 

Plaid shirts are quite the charm when you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Tuck your plaid shirt inside your chinos, or wear a T-shirt underneath and leave the buttons open, both look remarkable. 

  • Denim Shirt with Chinos

Get your dark-colored denim shirts out and pair them with your favorite chinos to make an effortless style statement at the club.  

Business Name:- Barcode Saturdays

Address:- 559 College St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A9

Phone:- 647–408–1186

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