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29 Mar 2023 07:12

The surface is bright and translucent, the surface is grained with antique oak, the   Aroma A8040  key san nhua has a large wood grain spread evenly on the wood panel, many random light and dark veins. The design of gray tones (gray) combined with a source of free and irregular textures, free light and dark not only creates a very western style for those who like gray (gray).  

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(Price may change depending on the time)
With outstanding advantages:
No warping, rotting termites.
Anti-slip, safe for users.
Can resist ultraviolet (UV) rays.
Not water resistant (simple cleaning).
Tested ingredients do not contain harmful substances.
The thermal expansion is very low.
Easy to shape, cut, and simple to install.
Suitable for quiet, peaceful space.
Can be applied on cement base without oil sizing.
100% Korean technology products.
Wood flooring warehouse specializes in providing all kinds of wood flooring:  outdoor wooden flooring, locked plastic floor, imitation wood plastic floor, wooden floor, industrial wood floor, imitation wood plastic floor.
To Hien Thanh wood floor warehouse
243/1/33 To Hien Thanh, Ward 13, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline available to advise you: 0913 8888 01

Source: san nhua


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