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Dawlish News

South West Rail Resilience Programme

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
17 Aug 2022 13:57
UPDATE: We’re aiming to open Colonnade underpass this weekend (Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August) and over the Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday 27, Sunday 28 and Monday 29 August).
%u2757Please note these dates aren’t yet guaranteed and we’ll post another update on Friday, depending on progress on site.
%uD83E%uDDBA We are busy building a walkway so that you will be able to access the beach and King's Walk promenade via the underpass when it is safe to do so.
%u2705 We have finished the piling for the foundations of the new bridge that will link the two sections of public, accessible footbridge and are now working on the culvert in the stilling basin so that we can realign Dawlish Water where it runs into the sea.
%uD83D%uDEB6While the underpass is closed, the beach and King’s Walk promenade remain open. Signs are in place to direct people via the stepped footbridge near Kennaway Tunnel at the end of Marine Parade, and advising that the beach, promenade, Coryton Cove and local businesses remain open.
%uD83D%uDE4F Thank you for your continued patience and understanding; we’re sorry for any inconvenience.


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