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Dawlish News

South West Rail Resilience Programme

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
05 Aug 2022 16:08
UPDATE: We are working in a constricted space close to the capped gas main and a sewage pipe as we continue build the new sea wall in Dawlish.
%u26D4 This means access to King’s Walk promenade and the beach at Colonnade underpass remains closed until further notice to keep everyone safe.
%uD83D%uDEE0%uFE0F We are currently installing the remaining piles for the foundations for the bridge that will link the two sections of public, accessible promenade. And we’re continuing work on the new stilling basin, where Dawlish Water runs into the sea.
%u27A1%uFE0F The beach and King’s Walk promenade remain open and signs are in place to direct people via the stepped footbridge near Kennaway Tunnel at the end of Marine Parade, and advising that the beach, promenade, Coryton Cove and local businesses remain open.
%uD83C%uDF1E We are aware the August bank holiday is approaching and will make every effort to open the underpass then if it is safe to do so.
%u26A0%uFE0FPlease also note, Dawlish station car park will be closed to vehicles on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 August as we are due to install the power supply for the lifts for the station’s new accessible footbridge.
%uD83D%uDE4FThank you for your continued patience and understanding; we’re sorry for any inconvenience.


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