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15 Jun 2022 09:18

Customers increasingly prefer wooden floors to lining floors instead of many traditional materials such as bricks, ceramic tiles, stone tiles ... Because of the natural color on each grain of wood on the anti-slip floating surface, the wooden floor brings with it. Re-appear luxury where you install it. In the chain  san go cong nghiep gia re  laminate flooring, Nam Viet F8-93 laminate flooring brings financial value when the cost of equipment and flooring becomes no longer expensive. Even the cost that you spend is less than traditional materials. Nam Viet F8-93 laminate flooring is also decorated from floor lining, wall cladding to ceiling tiles, leaving an impression on viewers when real wood plank materials are increasingly scarce and the price is many times higher. 

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(Price may change from time to time)

Nam Viet F8 laminate flooring is composed of 5 basic layers and the following CLICK-LOCK (1) locking edge: The first layer is a UV coating that prevents direct exposure from light, and keeps the product color durable. long. The second layer is a layer of aluminum oxide that resists wear and scratches under the effects of daily life. The third layer is film paper (wood grain) which is 100% European origin, inspired by the texture of natural wood. The fourth layer is the HDF(2) layer with solid wood core to create durability, good bearing capacity, and the wood pulp composition is extruded with standard technology. And the last layer is the base layer that has the effect of preventing moisture, noise, and moisture evaporation from the floor.

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Source: san go cong nghiep gia re 
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