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Dawlish News

Dawlish Museum

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
13 Jul 2021 09:01
We are delighted to announce that Dawlish Museum will be opening to the public on Wednesday 21 July for the first time since September 2019.
Since lockdown restrictions eased, the volunteers have worked tirelessly to spring clean and complete the displays. If you enjoy the photos posted on this site you will love the 100's of photos available to view at the Museum.
New this year is a full room display “The Story of Dawlish Warren” which looks at the fascinating story of how this tiny hamlet with its tavern in the sand dunes, evolved into the major tourist destination it is today.
With 11 rooms over three floors, the Museum houses a vast collection of local pottery and glassware, toys, historical maps and photographs, plus railway memorabilia from Brunel to the present day. It is the home to the D-Day bagpipes and pays tribute to Piper Bill Millin.
Whatever your age and interests there is so much to see.
The Museum will be open Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 3pm until September 5th.
If you are interested in Volunteering, we are always looking for people to give around 4 hours per fortnight, its fun and you meet lots of interesting people. Interested? Please call on 01626 888557, or message our Facebook page, we would love to hear from you.


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