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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
07 Feb 2020 08:40

Ambitious plans for a new centre to tackle violent crime have been unveiled in a joint £1m project between Devon and Cornwall’s Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner.

The new approach is laid out in papers being presented today Friday February 7 at a meeting of the Police and Crime Panel in Plymouth.

Shaun Sawyer and Alison Hernandez say they want to invest £1m in an innovative new preventative centre which will tackle the violence that is blighting lives across the country before the epidemic in knife crime spreads to the westcountry.


Teignpot the 2nd
Teignpot the 2nd
08 Feb 2020 12:47

You don't need a centre you need coppers walking the streets and gaining local knowledge and the confidence of the local people.

The centre will just be a money pit that does very little other than house a group of over paid individuals sitting in sterile environments. It will then most probably be closed after a year or so as ineffectual.

Real world problems need real world actions.

Just look who is trying to put this forward....speaks volumes.

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