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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
28 Dec 2019 09:31

Anne Marie Morris MP thanks voters for putting their trust in her to represent the fantastic part of the world for another five years

Newton Abbot town centre has had a significant face lift and Teignmouth Fish Quay and the Pavilions are now operational. The Dawlish railway line is well on the way to being future-proofed, the South Devon Link Road has reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality in Kingskerswell, and Teignmouth Port is going from strength to strength.


30 Dec 2019 10:49

I don't believe it was trust. In my opinion she only got another term on the gravy train because she was the lesser of two candidates.

The only time you see her is when there is a national media event.

Unlike many of her constituents she will be getting paid far above those who pay her salary, expenses, etc, etc and have to scrimp and save to pay their bills just to live.

As for the £16 plus millions spent on the purchase and outdated tart up of Newton Abbots shopping centre. Whilst the rest of Teignbridge suffers from cuts to essential services just confirms to me those that are in charge are not fit for purpose.


Dawlish railway line on its way to being future proofed...time will tell on that one.


As long as the people of this country are shackled by an outdated voting system the longer we will be held under the servitude of a two party state.

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