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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
29 Nov 2019 09:12

The Conservative Prime Minister was in the county on Thursday on the election campaign trail and took part in a whistle-stop tour of Devon.

He then travelled down to Plymouth for the unveiling of the Nancy Astor statue, before Mr Johnson visited Darts Farm in Clyst St George where he met staff and threw his support behind Simon Jupp, the Conservative candidate for East Devon.

Roads can be transformative, but I also want more people on the buses and we are putting more money into rural bus networks, and as I have said exhaustively, on the Dawlish rail line, we will be putting £80m to have a better sea wall at Dawlish.


29 Nov 2019 18:13

They will say anything to get into power for the next 5 years.


The only thing that you can bank on is their pay will go UP every year and taxes will continue to increase.


Other than that same old, same old.


Call me cynical, but I have witnessed this many times in my 60 years of living in this beggars paradise we call the UK.

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