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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
10 Jul 2017 21:50

The news that a rehabilitation ward at Teignmouth Hospital will probably never reopen has been called 'symbolic of the current state of the health service'.

The minor injuries unit and X-ray department at the hospital moved to Dawlish in January 2016 as part of proposals aimed at securing the long-term future of the two community hospitals.



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11 Jul 2017 09:54

'symbolic of the current state of the health care service', NO......SYMBOLIC of the last several decades of the health care service.

The NHS services will be trimmed down to the point of a few super hospitals hundreds of miles apart dotted around the country and will be privatised off to the highest bidder some time in the future.

It does not matter which party is in power as they all have the same underlying agenda, in my opinion, to fill their own pockets. For any party to do anything good for the electorate of this country they have to spend money and that means more taxes.

Oversea's aid, excessive benefits payments, above inflation m.p's salaries, HS2, construction of nuclear power plants by foreign governments on U.K. soil with unrealistic payment contracts, ineffective immigration policies, emergency services whittled to the bone and at the same time westminster spends 10's of millions doing up westminster and bring in an elite anti terrorist force of 100's to protect, yes you guessed it..westminster.

As long as the pigs at the trough are well paid, supplied with ample expenses, protected with an elite heavily armed battalion and can keep the peasant's at arms length nothing will change for the better in this ever declining island we live on.

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