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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
03 Jun 2017 13:45
The money, coming from £250bn of borrowing for infrastructure projects, will go towards improving the line at Dawlish and electrification of the network to provide "faster and more resilient journeys".
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03 Jun 2017 14:12

Politicians and promises, the only thing you can be sure will definetly happen will be:-


Higher salaries, year on year, for the m.p's no matter how badly the economy is doing.

Increases in v.a.t/taxes for the working/middle classes.

Minimum wage going up by pennies relative to cost of living.

Degredation of what is left of our armed forces/emergency services/N.H.S.

Continued erosion of local services.

I have, as many lived through many general elections and seen every party that got into power break literally all of their manifesto pledges.

Nowadays it is not about voting for who YOU believe in, but voting tactically to stop the worst of the bunch getting into power. Not that the others are most probably much better.

The political machine of this country is built on a stinky swamp were the pugnacious and self serving creatures that live in it have set the rules for their own kingdom, heavily stacked against those they are supposed to work for.


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