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25 Apr 2017 10:55

Someone asked a little while ago if anybody had seen me. They knew that I used to fight parking tickets and I still do but not on the same scale as I once did.

With the May local elections coming up shortly and the gravey train riders once again asking for your vote. Let me remind you all that most of these riders are their for their own interests and not yours.

I recently brought to Rosalind Prowe's (Conservative) attention about an unfair situation regarding parking matters.

I asked her several questions and she replied thus (passing the buck):-

Barton car park belongs to TDC and your question about parking arrangements on the Strand have been passed to Cllr Clatworthy.  Any comments on car parks can be addressed to officers at Teignbridge.


One of the questions I asked of her was:- why do we get 30 mins free parking in the Strand car park (owned by Teignbridge DC and enforced by them) and in the Strand (enforced by Devon County Council) but when it comes to parking at the Barton Surgery (owned by Teignbridge) there is no such luxury for free parking time.


I came to the conclusion rightly or otherwise, that the local chamber of trade had more clout than patients at the surgery.


So remember this when you go to vote on May the 4th

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From The Grave
From The Grave
25 Apr 2017 22:14

I'm here to haunt you Peter. 

26 Apr 2017 13:01

Haunt the politians - besides, why would you want to haunt me.

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