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Dawlish News

01 May 2016 19:18

POLICE are appealing for information after reports of thefts from cars in Dawlish.

The incidents have occurred in the early hours of the morning where valuables have been left on display and cars left unlocked

In the latest incident police say a man was seen acting suspiciously around garages in the Leyfield Walk area of the town at around 7.30am.

A police spokesman added: "He was seen looking into vehicles and then he ran off when challenged by a local resident."

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02 May 2016 09:01

As I said in another post. I have waited up to half an hour or more trying to get through to 101 to advise police of certain situations. I think many that have given the police info in the past are sick and tired of paying to call 101 and rarely getting through.

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