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Dawlish News

Warning to dog owners in Dawlish.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
03 Feb 2016 15:53

I have written about this problem before. With the vast amount of dog poop left around the town/lawn/sea front. As a new dog owner myself  I'm very aware that picking up after your dog is vital and is a health hazard to leave it as many seem to do. Last week walking up the Strand there was a huge mound of the stuff right in the middle of the pavement. Also walking back from Coryton Cove last week I noticed that someone had sprayed green dye on some poop. Me thinking that the owner must have done it, but no. Today walking back along the sea wall I was approached by someone from the council and he told me that they are spraying the poop so that it can be picked up later. So they are watching. For those of you that may not pick up DO IT  the town has become a shithole without actually leaving it all over the place.

3 Agrees
03 Feb 2016 17:53

What is worse for dog owner's who actually pick up their dog's no 2's is stepping in some that hasn't been picked up by an ignorant dog walker, obviously I exclude blind dog's who I would pickup myself if I saw it doing a no 2. Can't expect the owner to pick it up.


What's the green paint for. If they do it on the grass it makes it more camoflauged than it was before, typical council thinking. A flourescant pink would be better. Although would it not be more expediant for the one with the spray can to pick it up or is he to high up the managerial ladder.


Stupid me thinking you only need one person to do a job in the council!!!!

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