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Dawlish News


02 Nov 2015 14:04


Had to laugh when listening to Police Commsioner suggesting a refendum to increase rates to keep more bobbies in a job.


Here are some suggestions.- feel free to add your own.

1- Get rid of police commisioner, his wages wil employ a couple of bobbies.

2- Reduce the size of the police car fleet and get more police to actually walk the streets.  

3- Don't botherto investigate any crime ( nearly there with this one anyway)  unless its murder, rape or other serious crime


Perhaps with the new bin fleet of trucks introduced via the garden waste tax we can kill two birds with one stone, have a bobby in the cab -saving police car patrol  costs and they get to go round the beat. and  they can also police the bin contents  for wrong items being put into bin when not crimefighting

Coming Soon from your caring sharing Tory council- If your house is on fire you will pay for the water  to put i t out.

If going to hospital please bring your own bandages, and needle and thread if you need stitches.

3 Agrees
03 Nov 2015 09:26

@1263 - i agree with you on getting rid of the comissioners, a completely useless excercise in employing a watchdog to oversee the police. paid an extorniate amount of money for being dead weight in a time when the government is screwing exvery penny out of the public services, whilst discussing spending £100 billion on major projects, plus the hs2 fiasco.


I would like to see a breakdown of the U.K's police forces by rank. Most people idenity with the police as the bobby on the beat, but there is a very top heavy management system in the police forces. The only times the public see these overpaid officer's is when there is a photo opportunity.

I think unless you have been a beat cop yourself you have no idea of the stresses and strains the day to day strains put on body and soul not to mantion the shift patterns.


1) Thin the herd by reducing the number of inspectors and above.

2) Get rid of the Police commisioner's role and the personnel that goes with it.

3) Increase the number of beat police officer's on the force drastically.

4) Stop closing down the satellite stations built over the last few years and re open the ones that were closed.


I believe the only reason the small satellite police stations such as in Dawlish and Teignmouth. That were fitted out at a cost of nearly £100 K each were merely done to stop and all out riot by the local community when they sold of the large station in Teignmouth and the surrounding area's.

What next, police having bus passes to attend shout's, I think that has happened already!

The 101 service is not fit for purpose. How many have phoned it to report what they feel does not justify a 999 call, but is worthy of a police attendance and ended up sitting on the phone for 30 min's or more and having to put the phone down?

Add the reduction in beat cops and the potential for electricty black outs in the next few years and you have a nice little excuse for the government to implement curfews, road check points, compulsory i.d. cards and riot police as standard issue around the country.



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