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05 Aug 2015 13:20

Anglers are to be banned from taking home more than three sea bass per day while commercial fishermen will be subject to strict limits.

The new restrictions on the fishing of the species, including the introduction of a minimum catch size, will come into effect from as early as September.

It follows action by UK government to protect the threatened species, Camborne and Redruth MP and fisheries minister George Eustice has announced.

"We've been consistent in Europe on the need to protect sea bass and the measures we've secured this year are vital to improving the health of our stocks," he said.

"We can't be complacent and while these measures are a significant step in kick-starting progress we have to ensure any recovery is sustained.

"That's why we'll be working closely with EU Member States, fishermen and anglers to build on this success and secure long-term improvement in the years to come."

The new controls are the result of continued lobbying in Europe to introduce new commercial and recreational fishing restrictions for bass.

These measures will address the long-term decline in bass stocks due to overfishing and support British fishermen for the future by ensuring sustainable bass fishing and angling.

From next month fishermen and anglers will be prevented from catching juvenile bass under 42cm in size, giving female bass the chance to grow to an age where they can spawn.

The package of restrictions also covers:

*A daily three fish bag limit per person for recreational anglers.

*Monthly catch limits for commercial fishing vessels.

*A ban on all EU commercial fishing in areas around Ireland, excluding the Bristol Channel and other areas inside the UK's 12 mile zone.

*A minimum conservation reference size of 42cm to allow female fish to grow to spawning age.

The latest steps to protect sea bass are part of a wider campaign by Government to promote sustainable fishing.

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06 Aug 2015 08:12

All very well and I am in favour of limits and sizes, but what I would like to know is how are they going to enforce it with the beach anglers.

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