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Dawlish News

14 Sep 2014 13:31

Not content with achieving a clean sweep of gold medals at every age group in this years Great Britain Octopush Championships in Leeds this summer, TSW Dawlish is looking to offer the sport to the over 50 age group.


There are some regular players in Britain playing in to their seventies, but they have to play extreme sport against all ages.  Underwater Hockey, Octopush, has much to offer all ages.  It is a safe sport offering a great aerobic work out, yet more extreme and competitive if the exponent wishes to pursue the sport seriously.  Now, only at Dawlish, this is an attempt to offer the sport more recreationally, suited specifically for the over 50’s.  It is a cheap activity, requiring just snorkel and mask and a pair of fins; Dawlish pool has kit available to loan for those wanting a “taster”.


Club spokesperson Phil Shute is convinced that it is wonderful exercise, supporting and exercising the whole body in the comfort and warmth of an indoor pool, promoting an increase in mobility and fitness at all levels.  He said,” We are aiming at all levels of fitness and competition.  If you want to learn to snorkel and stick at that, that’s fine.  If you want to free dive to the bottom to gain a better view when snorkelling on holidays, we’ll teach you that.  You will be the best and most confident snorkelers on the beach, on the surface and on the bottom.  If you want a gentle work out, that’s easy.  If you want to work out a little harder we will offer that too.  If you want to play a gentle game and learn new skills, you can.  If you want to play better and harder we can slot you into a regular adult session, but we are aiming at something new.  Acknowledging age, we will offer games in shallow water and with lighter kit.  No one anywhere has done this before.  We hope the game takes off and that Dawlish will be leaders, just as we are at junior level and the regular adult sport”.


It is hoped that old retired players will be enthused to return to the pool and pass on their skills to inexperienced peers.  The sport commences on Saturday afternoons from 5.30 to 6.30 pm, commencing November 8th.  Those interested are asked to ring Dawlish Leisure Centre to book a place as safety dictates that numbers are limited, particularly with beginners.

29 Oct 2014 19:22


Octopush for 50+

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