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Dawlish News

05 Aug 2014 19:21

An important public notice has been issued regarding the Dawlish Air Show 2014

 Sea Wall Walkway

The walkway between Coastguards Ramp and Rock Stone Footbridge remains closed due to on-going construction works on the Lower Sea Wall.

Please follow the High Tide pedestrian route detailed below to access Dawlish or Dawlish Warren and click HERE to use Google Maps:


 We would advise that it is unsafe to access the beach between Rock Stone Footbridge and Coastguards Ramp.

Also, just to reiterate:

This year, the tide will be rising for the duration of the airshow.

Low Tide is at 11.50am BST and High Tide is at 6.00pm BST on the 23rd August, which means that throughout the show the tide will be rising and beach space will gradually become limited.

If you are watching the show from the beach you must be prepared to move off the beach to either the sea wall, if there is space, or back into the town.

We would ask for your cooperation on both of the above matters – thank you!

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