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Dawlish News

03 Aug 2014 18:09

Gatehouse Primary School in Dawlish will see its dream of getting rooftop solar panels come several steps closer if plans to build a solar park at nearby Ashcombe get the go-ahead.

The school has signed up to 10:10’s Solar Schools campaign, and needs to raise over £13,000 to install its solar panels.

Solstice Renewables, who are developing the solar park, is donating £300 towards the fund now, with an additional £2,000 per year available to the school for the next 25 years if the solar park goes ahead. The school would be able to draw down up to £5,000 of those funds early to help reach its target.

As well as contributing to Gatehouse’s Solar Schools fund, £1,000 a year would be retained to be allocated to educational sessions linked to the solar park and site visits. Solstice Renewables has already conducted the first of these with Year 5 pupils at the school, teaching them about electricity usage and generation and making information leaflets about the solar park.

Claire Pearce, Gatehouse Primary deputy headteacher, said: "It’s great that Solstice Renewables recognises the important link between their solar farm proposal and educating local young people about renewable energy and biodiversity.



Robert Vickery
Robert Vickery
04 Aug 2014 12:18

Please be clear that Solstice Renewables have submitted an application at Ashcombe and you should first judge the impact of that scheme on the landscape of the Haldon Hills.  It will be very signifficant and it is arguable that it should not be built in an area of such landscape value.

Only after you have considered that question should you be willing to give prizes to Soplstice Renewables for linking their application to a project for Gatehouse Primary School.

It is quite probable that a larger return for Gatehouse P S could be achieved by an installation on their own extensive roofing,  without any marked damage to the local landscape.


11 Aug 2014 19:05

The proposed solar array is in an area designated as an area of great landscape value, Dawlish Town Council are quite right to recommend refusal on the grounds of detriment to the landscape.

Although a different issue its a pity that Dawlish Town Council cannot see the detriment that planning application 14/01275/FUL will have on the landscape.   The offer from Solstice is generous but naughty and perhaps immoral,  after all its aimed at schoolchildren.  Surely its best to offer up such money after planning permission is granted. 


1 Agree
26 Aug 2014 18:23

Can any one tell me,  are the social benefits of money offered to communities by applicants (as in this case) relevant to the decision, that is ... are they a material consideration. 

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