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Dawlish News

03 Aug 2014 18:07

Dawlish Town Council has handed out over £10,000 in grants to get the town back in business after the rail collapse in February.

The track and part of the sea wall was badly damaged in storms, cutting off the service linking Cornwall and much of Devon with the rest of the UK.

Councillor Michael Clayson said the grants were to show that Dawlish was open for business after the storms.

The grants included £5,000 to the Dawlish Air Show.

The show is due to be held on Saturday 23 August.

A further £5,000 went to the Community Transport Association and £850 was given to the Shaftesbury Theatre.

Mr Clayson said: "There can be no better signal that Dawlish is open for business than our wonderful Air Show.

"Organised by a team of dedicated volunteers, it looks forward to welcoming an estimated 70,000 visitors to the town, proving that Dawlish is on the ascendant."


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Robert Vickery
Robert Vickery
04 Aug 2014 12:48

The grant to the Shaftesbury Theatre is well deserved, for they are putting  on a production this week of "Oh! What a Lovely War"  and it has a larger cast with more demands on costume than they normally encounter.  This amateur production opens on the centenary of the Declaration of War on August 4th, 1914, and it is part of a continuing programme of events, exhibitions and commemorative services that will draw out memories of that dreadful five years of warfare.    Your next opportunity to see this play is likely to be a London production next year, so come and remind yourself of the original script in Dawlish NOW.   There is also a display of photos, letters and other materials in the bar areas of the Shaftesbury while the production is running. 

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