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23 May 2014 18:20
Horse boxes were damaged in the collision at the Devon County Show

The final day of the 2014 Devon County Show has been cancelled because of safety concerns, staff say.

Organisers described the cancellation as "heartbreaking" but said parking safety concerns caused by recent heavy rain had left them no choice.

The three-day event near Exeter was to end on Saturday, but has been halted after five vehicles and a pedestrian were involved in a collision.

The cancellation is the first in the show's 119-year history.

Financial implications

The show has seen huge tailbacks and delays caused by the closure of the car parks on Friday afternoon.

Show secretary Ollie Allen said: "Quite exceptionally heavy rainfall before and during the show have turned the car parks in quagmires."

She added that 16 tractors had been involved in helping vehicles in the showground.

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