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TSW Dawlish 8 – 0 Italy

18 Apr 2014 11:42

When TSW Dawlish Juniors Octopush received their invitation to Holland’s most prestigious Under 19 and Under 16 Underwater Hockey tournament, the affectionately named “Pancake Tournament”, they expected to come up against familiar opposition, the best in Holland, all of whom they had beaten before.  At the last moment Italy Under 19 accepted the offer and the Dawlish youngsters relished the prospect of a crack at a national standard opposition.  On paper it should have been a miss-match, in reality it was.  TSW Dawlish crushed and out-classed the Italians; technically they were as superior as they were physically; the margin 8 – 0 said it all.  The matches were all in wholly unfamiliar surroundings, a flat bottomed 3 metre depth tank, nothing like the Dawlish home pool that graduates from 1.0 – 2.4 metres, and designed to suit the continental opposition.  The skill levels of TSW Dawlish, already British National Champions at both age-groups, mesmerised the Dutch and Italian opposition. At Under 19 level TSW Dawlish won every match by a huge margin and conceded not a single goal.  At Under 16 level, not only did TSW Dawlish carry off the gold medals, they scooped silver too!


In an effort to “blood” as many juniors as possible, TSW Dawlish decided to take two “equal” Under 16 teams, rather than field a first and second team.  Team II made a lack-lustre start in unfamiliar deep and cold water in the splendid Dordrecht facility, they lost to OSC Dordrecht, their gracious hosts, by a margin of 4 – 1.  By comparison TSW Dawlish Under 16 Team I were spectacular from the opening “gong”, they won every match by a large margin.  Team II had to advance by winning every other match in the group stages.  They youngsters responded magnificently defeating the teams Astacus of Maastricht, Orca of Bilzen, Baracuda of Den Haag and Argonauta of Breda (the Dutch champion junior team).  They had to play-off against OSC Dordrecht once more, as the group second team versus first team to earn the right contest the subsequent Grand Final.  They were not about to slip-up again.  In the tensest match of the tournament they turned the competition, this time defeating the distraught host-team in a tumultuous 2 – 1 win.


The Under 16 Team I progressed smoothly without conceding a single goal in their group matches.  The Grand Final saw them pitted against their own colleagues in TSW Dawlish Team II.  This was a wonderful competitive match, and goals were conceded at last.  Team I defeated Team II by a 4 – 2 margin with the cream of Dutch teams looking-on aghast at the skill levels, speed and physicality.


The TSW Dawlish Under 19 team featured three British Junior Internationals:  Aaron Lindsay (the Skipper), majestic and obdurate in defence, and Alyssa Oates and Harry Elsmore piratical in attack.  Charlie Atkins was majestic and commanding in the “Centre”, controlling play, whilst Isaac Horne, Isaac Martin, Tom Burgess, Tom Richards and Rupert Ironside-Smith patrolled at will and put all opposition to the ruthless sword.


At Under 16 level the gulf between the TSW Dawlish players and the Dutch opposition was enormous.  Elliot Atkins snubbed-out all opposition attacks; he was “unplayable”.  Louis Pyper, Lucas Bagnald, Sam Peat, Ellie Shelley, Joe Broom and Oliver Curle have precocious ability; they sucked the resolve from their opponents.  Kieran Tucker was at his ruthless best, and all were supported by magnificent team play by Elliot Wilkinson, Toby Curle, Tom and Alice Nuttall, Gemma Morgan, Joe Smith, Ted Ironside-Smith, Caleb Pullan, Lewis Bartlett and Aidan Leigh-Brown.


This tournament was the “Team Builder”, the season’s curtain raiser, which will culminate in July’s British National Age–Group Championships in Leeds.  TSW Dawlish will surely be amongst the favourites to retain their National Titles.


U16 winning team

U19 winning team

18 Apr 2014 11:59

Well done Dawlish Under 16's

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