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Dawlish Christian Spiritualist Church



As the New Year dawns we will continue to be faced with opportunities, decisions and challenges which will help us to grow and move forward on our pathways of life or lead us further from the essence of our true selves. 

We have been given free-wil but unfortunatey not a real undestanding of the benefits or consequences of our choices.  However, once we realise that we are more than just physical beings and allow the spirit within ourseves that is the true self, freedom to grow, sense and expand, we are liberated from the darkness.  Of course, we will still face challenges but in time, through our perseverance, faith belief and trust we will become aware of new energies and strength supporting and guiding us in every unimaginable way, changing our perceptions and expectations of life.

We become energised by the Universal Spirit Energies of love and light which have the power to bring peace, balance and harmony into our physical world.  Our New Year's Resolution therefore, is to share this knowledge and make it happen.  We wish you a very Happy New Year.

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