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Dawlish Sustainable Transport Users' Group

07 Jun 2013 17:58

As we've been having lots of chat one way or the other about transport and traffic it seems an opportune time to let you all know about a Sustainable Transport Users' Group that Dawlish Transition are keen to set up.

To get the ball rolling for the Transition group I offered to start this thread so that if anyone has any comments they like to make/would like to be involved with the group you can post them here or e-mail me via this website.  


For example: Has anyone any thoughts/experiences on how the new bus service and timetable is panning out?


Whilst we have an excellent public transport provision for the centre of the town many have no means of getting to this transport hub other than by car. Do we therefore have a  need for a Community Bus Service? I know we have the small bus 186 Dawlish Town service but what about those areas of the parish that it doesn't go to? We also have the continuing problem of over crowded trains.

Would really appreciate feedback.






08 Jun 2013 09:24

@Lynne.  what would you personally consider to be sustainable transport. any motor vehicle that relies on todays fuel technology isent. there is therefore no point in causing more congestion by putting on more buses running around empty for most of the day. dawlish coaches tried it years ago and it just dosent pay.

Perhaps better management and timing of what we have already would be a more sensible approach. It surely cannot be difficult to identify peak useage times which need more buses etc, against the times when the 2 bus passes me empty.

A smaller version of a park and ride type car park, maybe on the Sainsbury site would be useful.

meantime use your car and enjoy the privalige before central government tax you and me both off the road.

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