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Another “Good” OfSTED grading for Dawlish Community College

17 Jan 2012 08:06

Dawlish Community College is delighted to announce that in an inspection by OfSTED shortly before Christmas the College achieved a “Good” grading. The College was inspected in the two areas of Student Achievement and the College’s capacity to continue the recent significant improvements that we have made.

The College is proud to report that we achieved a “Good” grading in both categories. The inspector was full of praise for the College as indicated by the following quotes;

“Having considered all of the evidence, I am of the opinion that at this time the college has made good progress in making improvements and good progress in demonstrating a better capacity for sustained improvement. “There has been a rapid and sustained rise in the proportion of students achieving higher grades in GCSE examinations”

“Development of provision for students to practice and improve their literacy skills in subjects other than English is progressing well under the direction of the ‘literacy across the curriculum’ management group”

“… the review of the whole scope of the curriculum means it takes much better account of the learning strengths and preferences of this group of students, particularly for those in Key Stage 4”

“…… the college now provides an improved choice of subjects within four different pathways of study that can be highly personalised for individual students. As part of the applied and vocational pathways, students can elect to participate in accredited courses that give them introductions to, for example, engineering, construction trades, hairdressing and catering”

“The college’s specialist status in technology has helped to ensure that students have access to a wide range of accredited courses. For example, food technology and catering are also available as vocational qualifications as well as at GCSE and AS levels.”

The full report can be found on the school’s website alongside the College’s last inspection report for Modern Languages which was also graded as “Good” in July 2011. Dawlish Community College Principal, Andrew Davis commented, “We are very pleased with another “Good” judgment on the College by OfSTED. We feel this reflects the hard work that students are putting in, alongside an incredibly skillful, dedicated and committed team of staff.

The College has made very impressive progress in the last two years, particularly with regard to examination results, and we are confident that this year will, once again, see our Year 11 students beat all previous GCSE records. May I take this opportunity to thank our parents and carers for their continued support of the College and assure them that we will not become complacent but will continue to relentlessly strive to get the very best results possible for their children.”

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