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Dawlish News

Emotional trip back in time for D-Day veterans

04 Sep 2008 11:02

ATROCITIES of the Second World War were brought vividly to life for a group of South Devon veterans and their families during an emotional trip to Normandy this week.
The Normandy Veterans' Association is on the French coast to mark 64 years since D-Day, and their visit to the Caen Memorial Museum turned out to be too much for some.
While many of the veterans, proudly wearing medals on their blazers, chatted amiably with visitors from around the world, some relatives found the memories too distressing.

Among the attractions at Pegasus Bridge are the bagpipes, beret and dagger of Bill Millin, a commando living in Dawlish who famously landed at Normandy on D-Day playing his bagpipes.

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