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Dawlish News

Mental patient sorry for frightening people after he had escaped

Joey Deacon
Joey Deacon
20 Aug 2008 14:27

Mental hospital patient Sticky O'Rourke has apologised for "frightening people" when he escaped from Langdon Hospital in Dawlish last week.

O'Rourke, 35, who is also known as Terry Powell, told the Echo that he would never hurt anybody and knew it had been wrong to flee the secure unit to visit the graves of his loved ones.

Concerns have been raised about how easy it was to escape from Langdon after O'Rourke and paranoid schizophrenic Jason Lord, 23, climbed on to the hospital's roof, scaled a perimeter fence and walked out of a gate that was being installed as part of improvements being made to the unit.

The pair escaped from the medium security Butler Clinic on Tuesday last week and were captured on Wednesday night in Newlyn in Cornwall.

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