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Private Tuition in Self Defence/Personal protection

16 Apr 2009 13:41

If you feel uncomfortable about training in a group environment and want to learn Self Defence skills at a quicker rate then private tuition is for you.

Control & Defence has a specific training program for private students which include the following:-

Awareness & Avoidance Techniques

Strikes, Kicks, Elbows, & Blocking Techniques

Breakaway Techniques such as Chokes & Holds

Defending yourself from the Ground

Knife, Gun & Stick Defence

Realistic Self Defence Skills

Personal Safety

Use of UK Legal Weapons such as Sprays etc

Scenario Training to test yourself under pressure

Further subjects can be added or you can create your own Private Tuition lesson from a list of Techniques that the Jim Wagner system provides. For details on the various subjects taught please visit the Level Description page under About - Level Descriptions and select one of the three Levels.

Private Tuition costs just £25 per hour for an individual, which is inclusive of the venue and equipment.

For two people - £40

For three people - £50

Small groups can also be arranged.

Please contact me for further details on how to book your place.

Email -

Mobile - 07984429415

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