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Kick Ass Seminar with Chris Crudelli - newton abbot, devon

09 Sep 2008 14:23

Control & Defence

Chris Crudelli

Producer & Star of the BBC's Series

‘Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves’
'Kick Ass Crisis'
'Kick Ass Miracles'

your chance to learn the kick ass moves

This is your chance to meet and train with Chris Crudelli on October 11th 2008 3-6pm in Newton Abbot, Devon at the Karate Academy.

Teaching subjects will be:-

Kung Fu Generation of Power Methods

Deception in Combat

Weapons Training and Disarms

Fight Awareness

Basic alphabet Striking System (Crudelli's own system of codified bursts of attack)

QI Gong

Locking and Choking methods.


and a short talk about his new book released on OCT 01 way of the warrior by chris crudelli

This seminar is NOT open to spectators.

To book your place please email me

Or visit the website for more details on how to book your place.

not open to anyone under the age of 10

07 Oct 2008 22:05

Is there any spaces left for the seminer? also can you just turn up on the day and pay then or is it bookings only, thankyou, Rory.
p.s. my email is

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