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Dawlish Notices

Packaging (1700+) pulled apart and colour coded to our many bins.

26 Aug 2008 00:10

It's linked to, and encourage by: Teignbridge District Council, the BBC, Waste Connect, Green Achiever and many others.
Nowhere else in the UK has this innovative little gem, and it's totally free to view and enjoy

Have you ever looked at packaging and said: “which wheelie bins/boxes/bags does this lot go into? Do we need to rinse these. Is that plastic part, kerbside recyclable? Why don't 'they' make this easy for us to dismantle, and why not just make it all, fully kerbside recyclable?”

What's now needed is good rubbish!

Please visit:

PullApart addresses all these issues by, pulling packaging apart into it's components and then colour coding them to our bins/bags. It's 1700 products (and growing), are now fully searchable, just enter a product at the search link.

It's been invented and developed over the last 3 years, with no financial help by, local man - Michael Butler.

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