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Dawlish News

Currently snowed in by my recycling ;)

Good luck to him

Sainsburys are restructuring and they are reducing the tiers of management. I understand dept manager will have to reapply for their jobs and team leaders roles will be changed.

@leatash - completely agree.  i can't imagine having to do that and know that i wouldn't be able to.

Following Teignbridge District Councillor Humphrey Clemens’ public outburst at last week’s Town Council meeting, where I consider inappropriate language was used and untrue statements made, I am writing an open letter in response. In September 2014, I started a petition against the proposed compulsory purchase of Warren Farm by Teignbridge District Council. The land was wanted as ‘Suitable ...

The Devon Air Ambulance was called to Dawlish Beach this afternoon after a male suffered spinal injuries after falling 10ft from steps onto concrete below. Coastguard and the Devon Air Ambulance landed on the beach to assess the males injuries where he was then taken by land ambulance to hospital.

What doesn't make sense? That's it dangerous there irrespective of the road markings? I can see that and have been overtaken by numerous cars who can't wait for the bus to pull out and are annoyed at me for not overtaking. It was never a problem before and I've never seen a bus unable to pull out. You can paint what you like on the road, it changes nothing.

28 Dec 2017

Is this at the bus stop that was originally off road and they put it back on the road? That's been an accident waiting to happen.

This decision makes me feel uncomfortable.

Looks like they're getting ready to demolish

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