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Dawlish News

which businesses and shops were they @TheObserver ?

Looks like they’ve got away with it as well. Disgusting.

Homebase are owned by an Australian company. Still sad news for their employees, but thankfully largely irrelevant to Dawlish.

5 Feb 2018

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Leatash.

5 Feb 2018

What do you mean by “staffing difficulties” please? There’ve been no public announcements  about store closures within their estate.

2 Feb 2018

I would assume that a fixed-price contract would have been negotiated, with penalty clauses for late delivery. PS welcome back Diane Mondeo!

@burneside . so anonymity should be in place for alleged sexual assault cases only? I’m not really sure that calling people “nazis” is either appropriate or very grown up. @Calamari . was your comment aimed at me alone, or to @leatash as well? Either way, what’s your view on allowing anonymity for alleged murderers, paedophiles or terrorists?

1 Feb 2018

Thanks Leatash, that was exactly the point I was making to “Calamari”. I assume that Burneside (and the 3 blokes who agree with his comment) also believes that alleged murderers/paedophiles/terrorists should also remain anonymous until a judge or jury finds them guilty??

Seems like the usual suspects are wrong yet again. Teignbridge councillors have rejected the request from the external body.

Do you know the full story then Calamari?

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