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Dawlish News

Excellent news and a long-overdue dose of common sense on this subject.

Quite right Shytalk. And the video that accompanies the article shows that there’s actually still loads more sand on there than their used to be pre-scheme. Looks like the new groynes have done a good job and stood up to the ferocious conditions.

15 Mar 2018

Haha! I’m not wound up by little attention-seeking men like “Fred Bassett” lol. I just find it funny that the same old posters who moan about freedom of speech are the first to gather their troops to try to shut down those that they disagree with. All I ask for is evidence. All they provide is nonsense.

15 Mar 2018

Yes Monty - the usual nonsense from the usual suspects. “Fred Bassett” - well done, you got your craved ‘Agrees’ from your acolytes (some of whom are far from Purrrrrrrfect with their usernames). Where’s your evidence please for your stated assertions in your original post? Try not to deflect the valid questions please.

15 Mar 2018

Utter nonsense, in my opinion (Deedoodle, before you post and delete like you did yesterday).  Cranbrook has a thriving community, mostly inhabited by far nicer people than the likes of the previous poster. Evidence of backhanders please. Wooden huts? Nobody wants them? All hyperbole crafted by the poster to please the crowd.

Leatash, as you well know, it’s only the pathetic Crosscountry trains that get cancelled when there’s a high tide!

15 Mar 2018

If only there were trains available that could cope with a splash of water...

Can’t remember that one. Thanks for answering.

Was that shop the one called ‘Moose’? Cracking shop it was.

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