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Dawlish News

I notice that both Netiquette and A frame are relatively   newcomers to this forum, I suggest that before they jump to anyone's  defence, they care to look back at the track record of OurSoul , where the lady had used various  identities and had been banned from here on each occasion. The lady has realised at long last that there  are more ways of killing a cat.

11 Aug 2015

I quite agree it is offensive, OurSoul is sharpening up in her old age.

11 Aug 2015

A word to the wise FredBassett, don't  fall into the trap.........

10 Aug 2015

Is that because they'll  make a  better job of it?

I  believe that this post  could be used to educate youngsters how a predator  can hide in plain sight. In the event of  a guillty verdict this post would be more powerful to demonstrate that the internet is not all it seems.

Thanks  Cass What is the remuneration you had in mind for this task? I am agent for an individual who can actually  create  bad weather if you are interested? Regards Mr. Elvis Presley

I've spoken to Debbie Holman and she tells me the Council wont allow access. She is meeting with them on Tuesday, she says she will mention it though.

29 Apr 2014

Would a towed catering unit be able to gain access as a temporary measure?    As I  may have a solution for the current owners.

2014 Visitor Season
2 Mar 2014

You will find that the catering is being handled by  a local concern, my daughter is working there .

Keyboard problems.
19 Feb 2014

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