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Have you noticed that the Dawlish Gazette is following the story, however I couldn't find anything last week in the so called Dawlish Post or did I miss it?

13 Nov 2014

07749 623431 this is the number on his farm facebook page.

13 Nov 2014

Go onto facebook either Warren Farm or Richard Weeks and you can sent a private message.  Richard would like to talk to you as well.  If you don't use facebook then it will be plan B, as I don't think you can send a private email through this site?

A friend went to Poland recently and a young taxi driver was bragging that he works here for 11 month of the year then goes home, followed shortly by a tax rebate as he is no longer in the country.  He said he waits a few months then returns to do it all over again.  My friend was really annoyed, how many others are playing the system!

Three more letters in the Dawlish Gazette regarding Coastal Park SANGS!  Worth a look.

24 Oct 2014

There is a counter article this week from Teignbridge District Council justifying their position in the Dawlish Gazette

It is not right, people should have to go to food bank because the Tories are hitting the poorest in society by cutting benefits and imposing bedroom tax and then when Europe snaps their fingers wanting money we just pay up without question.  Half the problems with cutting the deficit is corporations not paying taxes and health tourism etc.  At least the poor in society get benefits and use them ...

Red Rock Centre
5 Oct 2014

I know what you mean, they do lie to get what they want with no intention of fulfilling the requirements.  That is why if we already have buildings that need extra funding then knowing this the council should put in appropriate CIL charge to compensate.  The council have to look to the future, unlike when they allowed the builders to build up to Gatehouse School when Mr Goodridge said to leave 2 ...

5 Oct 2014

This is the trouble with DCC they should be working with TDC as the DA2 allocation need need not only a new community building, but also early years provision building.  Dawlish doesn't need more new buildings for the community which will need funding to build and then run when they have the Red Rock a nearly new building which is used by the community , but not enough.  Many I know have parties ...

The fact is Mr Weekes is able to earn non farming income from the site due to its prime position, and it is also grade 1 land.  Even if the Council were to swap land, which is a good idea, could they actually provide replacement grade 1 land, as most around here is grade 3 due to the sandy soil?  It still leaves the problem though that the new land would be off the tourist trail and unsuitable for ...