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Don't forget not every house of the 860 would pay CIL eg. Social housing, Self build, and some are reduced fees. This is the easiest document I found to clarify.  I hope this helps to explain a bit.

26 Nov 2014

Everything is online somewhere, you just have to be lucky enough to type in the correct wording that unlocks the documents that you need! Since most things have to be in the public domain a little research unlocks a lot of information, for better or worse! A bit of local knowledge also helps and talking to people points you in the right direction.

26 Nov 2014

I cannot comment on your last remark  (Judith Chalmers), so I will not.  I just want to point out £500,000 sound a lot of money, but in reality for 50 plus acres, it is an insult when you take into account he would gain no earnings from that land from the day it is gone.  A building plot on Exeter Road is on the market in excess of £275,000 to put it into context!  Also he has Grade 1 land and ...

Thank you everyone, now only 69 signitures needed to reach target on 38degrees petition

24 Nov 2014

Only 123 more signatures needed to reach the 2000, before the e-petition can be sent to the Government Departments.  So it is the last push, if you haven't done it yet and are going to please do it now.

Dawlish & Teignmouth From Old Photographs By Gerald Gosling The London Hotel, The Strand, Dawlish was on the site of Coop and Betfred.  It appears the Council bought it in 1910 to enable the widening of the main road from Dawlish to Exeter etc.  Once the roads around that area were widened two new buildings were put up on the remaining site.  I guess the carpark was probably the garden ...

From the Executive 22 July 2014 2.6.3 Whilst Section 106 agreements form the relevant means to secure monies for the time being, in the future the clear expectation for each authority is that the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) will be the means to secure funding for measures that qualify as ‘infrastructure’. ...

18 Nov 2014

Lynne well spotted and just spotted this which might not go down well with the traders. They are thinking of making the main car-park smaller (P. 116 is where the below comes from) Removing the car park and recreating grassland in its place. This would provide an additional area for dog walkers and picnikers. Visitors would need to use the landward car park on the other side ...

18 Nov 2014

Thanks Lynne for the document, will the people of Dawlish have more of a say or will Teignbridge DC have even more power to do what they want!  See below from the document. Teignbridge '3.11 The majority of housing allocations are situated away from the estuary (around Newton Abbot), but there are significant allocations close to the SPA/SAC at Dawlish and south west of Exeter ...

Red Rock Centre
14 Nov 2014

The doctor's surgery has appeared to become flats, as the allocation has gone up from 76 to 96!  The point is Barton Surgery say they can cope with additional numbers, however you try and make an appointment sometimes, hence many going to Dawlish Warren to see a doctor!  They are like the schools who want to absorb the new housing for dawlish and so gain additional funding whether it is in the ...