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Lindapetherick's Posts

Lovely weekend in Dawlish with lots of Christmas spirit.

If a property is repossed  and an offer is made the estate agent does have to put it in the paper to allow anybody else who wants to to make an offer.  If you telephone the estate agent they will give you the exact details and reasons behind it.  I think the bank are obliged to get the best price possible.

Lynda Bellingham
20 Oct 2014

Yes such a shame. My thoughts and prayers go out to her husband, who brought her so much happiness, and her two sons , who she was so proud of.

20 Oct 2014

Just heard on the news that Lynda Bellingham passed away in her husband arms.  RIP lovely lady.

What time does it start please and how much are the lessons.

New Bag Shop
5 Oct 2014

It will be where Emotions was.

4 Oct 2014

New Bag Shop opening in Dawlish. I am beyond excited. Official opening 10.00am  next Saturday morning.

Bernard I am on the Town Lawn Group and I have no knowledge of a plan being formulated for a new bandstand.

Well done Lynne. If anbody wants any information about NFOP let me know I work for them.

What about if we spoke to Cofton about discounts for swimming or for discounted carvery on a week day do you think people would use it.